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Milestones: African-Americans in Pop Culture and Beyond

Geppi's Entertainment Museum and Milestone Media

Geppi’s Entertainment Museum (GEM), in collaboration with Milestone Media’s Michael Davis (Exhibit Curator) and Tatiana El-Khouri (Exhibit Co-Curator), has created an exhibit showcasing African-American contributions to American pop culture. “Milestones: African-Americans in Pop Culture and Beyond”, is currently on display at GEM and will run through April 2014.

The “Milestones” exhibit press release states, “The exhibit will offer patrons a full spectrum of Black historical contributions made throughout comic book and graphic novel history”. “Milestones” will illustrate to the visitor the triumphs and tribulations of African-Americans in American pop culture history.

GEM and Milestone Media have curated a wide array of objects from comics to paintings for their exhibit. Artists and publishing executives have offered their works and know-how to help tell the story of “Milestones: African-Americans in Pop Culture and Beyond”. The museum’s official press release describes “Milestones” as “a significant focus on Black creators and their art, the exhibit will pull together experts, essayists, filmmakers and creators from inside and outside the world of comic books to fully explore the successes, failures and expectations for the future of this vital component of our national fabric.” Michael Davis Exhibit Curator told the audience at the opening gala for “Milestones”, “African-American art and pop culture isn't just a 'black thing'. It's an American thing."

Come down to Geppi’s Entertainment Museum for a look into African-American pop culture. Discover new heroes and restart a love for an old one at “Milestones: African-Americans in Pop Culture and Beyond”. The museum is open Tuesday-Sunday from 10am to 6pm.