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Miles Bonny's new record has something for everyone

Miles Bonny at a performance last year.
Miles Bonny at a performance last year.
Courtesy of Dutch on Flickr

Miles Bonny has been part of the Kansas City/Lawrence music scene for over 10 years. During that time, he has been an integral part of the scene, especially the hip-hop scene, founding the influential website and managing the INnatesounds record label. Production has been his main speciality, but on his latest album, Incense and Wine, he about does it all.

Indeed, this album is his most personal yet. It captures his identity like any of his other records. Bonny mixes hip-hop, soul, jazz almost effortlessly on Incense and Wine. He's even got a cool electronica thing going on with tracks like "Satisfy" and "Number Five."

Most of the songs have a laid-back vibe that are great for 20-miles-an-hour joyrides through residential areas on late summer evenings. Don't be fooled- there is something for everyone on this record.

"Do You," has a deceptively simple beat that sort of drags you through the song. "Endless Possibilities," one of the strongest tracks," is neo-soul that should appeal to listeners who normally don't listen to the genre.

With the recent rise in popularity of Mayor Hawthorne, I wouldn't be surprised to see "Never Be the Same" become hit, with its '60s soul vibe and spacey instrumentation. Timbaland should also be jealous he didn't come up with "Green Chemical Lawns," a clever song about all the fake yards we work so hard to keep up.

Bonny deserves credit for arranging these songs in the order he did. They really flow together well, and because of that there's a sense of cohesion.

Incense and Wine is now available just about everywhere, or you can download directly from him for a cheaper price


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