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Miles Bonny releases new record, local rapper Sliccs Gotcha dies

Look for a review of the album within the next two weeks
Look for a review of the album within the next two weeks
Courtesy of Miles Bonny

Miles Bonny is done with Myspace. At least, that what it says on his Myspace page, which he hasn't logged onto since January 21st. That doesn't mean he's done making great, soul and jazz flavored hip-hop.

Bonny has been an integral part of the Kansas City/Lawrence hip-hop scene since 1999. He was one of the first local musicians to use Myspace to his full advantage, arguably gaining many loyal fans through the once relevant website. It is incredible how more and more bands are no longer relying on Myspace to establish a Web presence. Where can they turn to now? Is Facebook really the answer?

Bonny says that his new album, INcense and Wine, is the first album he's released that truly captures his identity. While production is and always has been his speciality, Bonny is an expert at bringing out the best in the numerous MCs and and singers he has collaborated with. However, this album seems to be just mostly him.

To pick up a copy of the new record, the best option is to attend his free CD release party at Love Garden Sounds in Lawrence on Saturday night. There he will be selling discounted copies of the CD package that comes with an engraved flask for your favorite beverage. The show will begin with a Miles Bonny DJ set at 8pm before his performance at 9pm.


In other news, The Wayward Blog reported that Kansas City rapper Sliccs Gotcha of Major Factor Records was murdered on February 13th. At this time it is not clear what the motives may have been or who the suspects are. In case you are not familiar with his music, visit his website here


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