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Mile high selfies: Flight attendants new mile high club is all about selfies

Mile high selfie: The latest craze from the airline attendants around the world. Sexy, but classy!
Mile high selfie: The latest craze from the airline attendants around the world. Sexy, but classy!

Mile high selfies are the latest phenomenon among flight attendants from a variety of airlines today. The mile high selfies don't seem to be replacing the activities behind the mile high club, which has been in existence for decades, but it is more appropriate to share online!

The mile high selfies is taking flight among the airline attendants today!
Twitter/ Mile High

According to NewsMax on April 28, these mile high selfies are showing up under the hashtags of #trolleydolly #galley #cabincrew #airhostess #flightattendant #crewlife #flight and #lifeofahostie and people are flocking to them to view. The flight attendants are usually in a plane cabin that is empty and they're seen striking various poses in their airline uniforms. Instagram is getting saturated with this fast-growing trend.

One veteran flight attendant claims she is surprised to see the airlines allowing this because they have such strict rules regarding the public appearance of their employees in uniform. Heather Poole, author of "Cruising Altitude," a New York Times Best Selling book, said she thinks that this is unusual for the airlines to allow these type of pictures.

The airlines usually press tight control over their image, claims Poole. Maybe the airlines see this as a good thing as these mile high selfies are actually some great free advertising for the various airlines.

E Online suggests that if you saw the term "mile high selfie," you would probably come looking for something a bit on the scandalous side. Nothing scandalous here, just some flight attendants putting their best foot forward and having some fun with pictures.

In the majority of the pictures, the flight attendants look like they are having fun. They are not stiff and rigid, but letting loose a bit while still presenting themselves appropriately.They get creative while posing in the seats, aisles and entrance area of the plane. Who wouldn't want to fly with this up-beat group?

It could be that the airline companies are realizing that these mile high selfies are actually good promotional pictures for their flights. The airline flight attendants are a close-knit group, they have a job unlike others whose careers are on the ground! This is one quick and easy way for them to communicate with each other.

Some of the flight attendants are having fun with the hashtags too, creating them from some of their more popular gripes:


These flight attendants are showing a little bit of their own personalities and posting these pictures can only work in the airlines favor. Don't you just love the "I know what you are doing under that blanket" hashtag?

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