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Mile high selfies: Flight attendants jump on the Instagram wagon

Flight attendants joining a new craze on Instagram.
Flight attendants joining a new craze on Instagram.
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Mile high selfies are the latest craze to hit the friendly skies. Flight attendants are jumping in and sharing photos of themselves on Instagram while on or near the airplanes they work with on a daily basis. These photos are then posted and shared on Instagram for the world to see. On April 28, Guardian LV reported on this new craze causing some buzz today.

When people hear the word mile high in regard to airplanes, they think of a very different activity. These photos aren't related to that expression at all. The flight attendants are fully dressed in uniform, and they are mostly alone in their photos. That is what selfies are usually about anyway. The photos show the attendants posing for a quick photo before their passengers arrive. One photo making buzz shows a flight attendant laying across a row of seats on the plane.

This craze is causing some concern among some flight attendants though. Veteran flight attendants are staying away from Instagram and mile high selfies due to possible problems with the airlines. There are strict policies in place about what flight attendants can and cannot do. Mile high selfies would definitely go against those policies in place.

However, flight attendants are using the photos to connect with others that share the profession. Hash tags are being used to focus on certain areas of the flight attendant experience including #crewlife and #passengershaming. For now, the craze is not causing a problem, but that could change. What do you think of flight attendants posting photos in this manner? Is there anything wrong with it?