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Mile High Selfies: Check out this new fad

Mile High Selfie
Mile High Selfie

The newest fad is mile high selfies. Pilots and flight attendants are taking them and showing them off all over social networks. On Tuesday, E! Online shared about this new fad and what is going on with it. You would assume these pictures have to do with the mile high club or are sexual but it is nothing like that at all.

They are simply pictures of them up in the air. Men and women take them and then share on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. They are always taken inside of the plane and there is nothing crazy about them at all. People like to check them out but it really isn't that big of a deal.

Here are a few hashtags they are using:


As long as they aren't doing anything illegal and they have their uniforms on right, then they are just fine and allowed to post these pictures. It looks like the mile high selfies will keep showing up everywhere.

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