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Mile high selfies: Airline attendants getting in on selfie action

A flight attendant's selfie, getting photobombed too!

Mile high selfies have been a thing for a while now but with flight attendants recently getting in on the action, well that's another story. Sure it's fun (and common) to take selfies while on an airplane (especially before you take off and after you land), and flight attendants are usually busy getting things prepared for the flight -- but many of them are making time to take their own selfies and make their own memories. According to E! Online, the selfies aren't scandalous -- at all -- but they are fun to look at nonetheless.

"Flight attendants have been celebrating their #crewlife by posting selfies taken inside the airplane. Just troll hashtags like #galley and #flightattendant on Instagram and you'll see what we mean (sic)," reports E! Online.

Mile high selfies are safe and airlines don't reprimand their employees for taking pictures of this nature -- as long as they are doing their jobs and they aren't goofing off while they have work to do. Of course there are critical moments in a flight that the crew must be alert and cannot use their camera phones (take off, ascending, descending, landing, etc.) but snapping a shot (which usually takes a few seconds unless it looks horrendous and you have to take 10 more pics) here and there should almost be expected. It's 2014.

Taking selfies at work is something people do all the time -- so why would it be different for a flight attendant?

Mile high selfies aren't really a "thing" but everyone takes them... everyone that's into selfies, that is.

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