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Milder On Thursday; Heavy Rain Friday

Highs and lows for Wednesday
Highs and lows for Wednesday
Scott Derek

Despite cloud cover we still managed to reach 71 at Philly International Airport at 9:11am(which is two degrees below average, but we'll call this seasonable). No rain fell, but there was fog and drizzle to the east thanks to a consistent onshore wind off of a 52-degree ocean.

A cold front will approach the region Thursday evening into Friday and provide heavy rain

Overnight lows will be around 60 with locally dense fog and some drizzle as the backdoor front begins to fizzle out; this means that come Thursday we'll have a partly sunny day the further west you go, but it's milder with highs in the upper 70s to near 80 with a southerly wind.

After an overnight lows in the upper 60s with some light rain possible to the east we'll be in the lower 70s with showers and possibly strong thunderstorms through the day; the main issue will be the locally heavy rain(1-2" on average, but upwards of 3" further south and west, especially in training thunderstorms). It's gone by the early hours on Saturday and the day itself shall be dry and seasonable with highs in the lower 70s. Ditto on Sunday, but with some more clouds as a trough pushes to the south.

The cold front from Friday gets stuck offshore thanks to high pressure to the north near Greenland; this means that the front will retrograde back toward the coast and provide some light rain Monday afternoon, through the overnight, and into Tuesday.

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