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Mild side of Aquatica: Ihu's Breakaway Falls is fun, but there are tamer options

Sun yourself or read a book in the shade. There are plenty of seats.
Sun yourself or read a book in the shade. There are plenty of seats.
Barb Nefer

If you love height and thrills, you'll probably head right for Ihu's Breakaway Falls when you visit Aquatica, the SeaWorld Orlando water park. It's the park's newest attraction, and three of its four 80 foot slides encase you in a glass capsule and force you to stand in anticipation without knowing exactly when you're going to drop. It's the perfect mix of thrill elements for those who like to walk (or swim) on the wild side. To read more about it, go here.

However, you might have young kids in your party or other family members who prefer to take things a bit easier. Aquatica has plenty to keep them busy, too, while the braver souls head off for the excitement of Ihu's Breakaway Falls and the other water slides.

Click the slideshow accompanying this article if you'd like to take a peek at the more low-key activities. Whether you want wild or mild, the park offers a full day of fun, so plan to get there at opening time and stick around til it closes (if you have enough energy and sunscreen).

For five tips on having a great day at the park, go here.

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