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Mild air and an increased flood potential

Modeled Snow-Water Equivalent for February 13, 2014, 11 AM
Modeled Snow-Water Equivalent for February 13, 2014, 11 AM
National Operational Hydrologic Remote Sensing Center (NOHRSC)

The unrelenting cold and snow over the past couple of months could spell trouble as spring approaches. Temperatures have remained below freezing since January 21. The abundant cloud cover prevents the sun from melting any of the snow. Without any warm air or sunshine the snowfall continues to accumulate across the region. From the Grand Rapids National Weather Service, “Several factors will combine to create an increased flood risk this Spring. The increased flood risk is due to the following factors which are significantly above normal: precipitation, snow depth, water in the snowpack, ice on rivers, and soil moisture. The weather pattern is changing and warmer weather, with the possibility for rain, is on the way for next week. The biggest threat will come later next week when temperatures will be the warmest and the best chance of rain will be present. This change in the weather pattern increases the risk for widespread flooding in Southwest Lower Michigan.”

River Flooding
Tulsa NWS

Temperatures likely warm above freezing by next Tuesday with readings in the mid 30s. By Thursday we could see temperatures climb into mid 40s and even the overnight lows only dip to near freezing.

The slideshow at the top has the latest snow data and the warmer and wet weather headed to West Michigan. This may be just temporary as cooler air likely returns toward the end of the month.

As the flood potential increases across West Michigan, review these flood awareness safety tips:

Flood Safety 101 - Turn around don’t drown
Flood Safety 101-Floods and other related phenomena

The slideshow on the top has a few of the forecast weather maps.

Before you head out to travel around West Michigan, check out the live West Michigan Weather conditions and live lakeshore weather.
As the warm and wet weather impacts the area, the Grand Rapids National Weather Service wants any reports you may have.
You can send them your weather reports via their on-line spotter report form. This can be accessed at:
If you “like” their office facebook page, you can submit your reports to it at: NWS Grand Rapids Facebook Page

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