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Mila Kunis on 'we are pregnant': Insipid trend finally nipped in the bud by Mila

Mila Kunis put all the dads-to-be out there in their place, she also gave them a lesson on what being pregnant means!
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Mila Kunis has said what many have been thinking since it has become the trend for couples to say "we are pregnant." Not only does it sound insipid, but it is a virtual impossibility and Kunis whipped out a microphone before spewing out a rant on this on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," reports ABC News on June 11.

You could just hear the applause coming from around the nation's living rooms when Mila, 30, passed on a very special message to all the fathers-to-be out there, "Stop saying we're pregnant!" Because "you're not pregnant," your wife or girlfriend is the one who is carrying the baby.

CNN News reports that this started when Kimmel told Kunis that he and his wife are expecting a baby. He said the words, "My wife and I are pregnant" and the rant came to life. She pretended to be angry and then ranted on the "we're pregnant" saying that she's sick of hearing.

Mila was hysterically funny and she was also right. She was not only talking for herself, but for the other pregnant women out there when saying, "we have your little love goblin growing inside of all of us. All you did was roll over and fall asleep!"

When did the "we're pregnant" saying come into vogue? It seemed to just appear one day with Hollywood celebs bringing the "we're pregnant" into the limelight. Mila is right with what she is saying, pregnant doesn't just mean that you are expecting a baby. It is a stage of life that the woman's body has entered into. Once dad makes a deposit, his job is done. His body, emotions and way of life doesn't change.

Once the fertilization of the egg is done by the father, often in about five minutes or less, for the next nine months it is the woman who is pregnant. She is the one to endure all the changes that come along with being pregnant, not the guys. It is like standing next to a prize fighter who just won the fight and saying "we won." That's just not the case.

" No "we" didn't win, unless you took the punches and the pain that comes along with winning a prize fight, the same goes for being pregnant. Unless you can actually experience the drastic changes which are both visible and invisible, you will never know the true meaning of pregnant. It looks like its time to go back with, "I am going to be a father!"

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