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Mila Kunis on 'Ellen' reveals cravings, stinky habit and Ashton learning Russian

Mila Kunis is craving vinegar based foods and she is stinking up her kitchen at home every time she opens the sauerkraut jar. She eats sauerkraut throughout the day, along with pickles, she told Ellen when she recently appeared on the "Ellen DeGeneres Show."

Mila Kunis appeared on Ellen and spilled the beans on sauerkraut, pickles and Ashton learning Russian.
Photo by Karl Walter

According to ABC News on May 9, Mila is adamant about having a "natural birth." The another reveal of "That 70s Show" alum, is that she couldn't say enough nice things about her husband-to-be, Ashton Kutcher. When Mila was through with the interview, most likely every woman in the viewing audience gave Ashton an A+ as husband and expectant father material.

Mila said that Ashton was prepared ahead of time for her pregnancy cravings to begin. One night while the two were watching TV she just had to have a pickle. Ashton told her to wait a minute and went out into the backyard to their "secondary fridge" and brought her back the most "amazing dill pickle of all time."

Ashton stocked that fridge with lots of "weird food" that pregnant women often crave. From pickles to ice cream he had it covered. Mila is Russian and speaks the language, but Ashton wants their child to learn his or her mom's native language.

He has been taking Russian lessons for the last six months so he too can talk to their child in Russian, according to today. This guy sounds like quite the catch. It also shows how much he adores Mila to want to share all aspects of her life and wanting their baby to celebrate Mila's roots as well as his own.

While Mila was on Ellen she also said that she wants to have a natural birth. She is not wanting an epidural and she almost decided to give birth at home with a midwife. Instead they decided on the hospital because the hospital they are using has a midwife.

She said the only reason she would opt out of a natural birth is if some type of emergency came up, but that's not expected to happen. She also would not reveal the name they have picked out for the baby and she kept her due date under wraps.

Mila did say she was due to give birth "sometime this year!" There you have it, Mila is doing well in her pregnancy except for stinking up their kitchen with sauerkraut and Ashton will be speaking fluent Russian in no time. This Hollywood power couple seem so normal!

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