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Mike Zammuto launches ranking service for 'Super Blogs'

Mike Zammuto of
Mike Zammuto of
Mike Zammuto president Mike Zammuto announced today that the company is tracking, analyzing and ranking the impact of the most influential blogs on the Internet. The online brand management executive promises that the service, called the Brand 150 Blog, will offer a peek into the secretive and highly profitable world of what he calls “super blogs.”

Zammuto says that the Brand 150 Blog measures the reach of sites across major social and publishing platforms, and that it uses undisclosed proprietary technology and data to produce its rankings.

“We have seen the ability of these blogs to influence trends explode in recent years,” Zammuto says. “We think some transparency into this world is healthy.”

The online brand management company was characteristically coy about how the ranking process works. did not respond to requests for details on the technology or the ranking criteria for the Brand 150 Blog.

“Black Box” Technology?

One company insider, who asked not to be named, called the process “black box,” and claimed that Mike Zammuto had a team working offsite to keep the development a secret. The insider said that some sects of’s platform development team were not authorized to view the system until it was launched publicly. not only tracks and ranks top blogs but also includes them in its massive publishing network, providing OBM services to multiple brands on the list.

Zammuto stated that had repeatedly broken top news stories with the help of bloggers. “We help our clients to build their online brands, and some of our most valuable publisher partnerships are with top blogs. Blogs can be a better vehicle for some audiences and stories, and I think this gives us insight into the movers and shakers in this space.”

Mike Zammuto called competition for rankings “fierce,” noting that’s blog is managed by Advisory Board member and professional blogger Zac Johnson., the blogger’s own site, is only ranked at 155 on the Brand 150 Blog.

Developing the Brand 150

President Mike Zammuto said that chose to compile and publish a list of top marketing blogs in order to provide real value to the firm’s client base. According to Zammuto, the Brand 150 Blog helps users at all levels to organize and evaluate online marketing resources to find the best strategies to suit their brand management goals.

By consulting the resources compiled by Zammuto, readers, he claims, can expect simple tips, advanced tactics, and expert advice from the world’s top Internet marketing pros.

A release by the company alleges that readers get a much wider understanding of current industry trends and concepts by utilizing the Blog’s rankings, which enables them to judge which blog will give them the best insights to enhance their Internet marketing approaches. claims that the site offers objective and thorough analysis of blogs and site rankings. Instead of depending solely on a site’s search engine ranking, which the company says does not reflect true influence, the Brand 150 Blog compiles and ranks sites based on an algorithm that they say utilized multiple different data points.

Every site is evaluated based on its influence on Twitter, Facebook and Google+, but the algorithm also factors in data from Moz and Alexa and weighs domain authority to determine its rankings.

Tracking the Leading Blogs

The ranking factors in the Brand 150 take into account recent shifts in how search algorithms prioritize their results. For example, if Google PageRank were to lose its significance, the Brand 150 would give more weight to other social media sites in its ranking determinations.

These tracking methods are drawn from algorithms that directly relate to the respective industries of each profiled blog. The numbers are continually updated and reflect both an accurate and real-time view of top blog rankings.

The intention of these algorithm shifts, said’s Mike Zammuto, is to compile a list of sites that are authoritative and legitimately useful to users.

The Impact of Brand 150 Blog

In spite of its name, a visit to the site showed that the Brand 150 Blog lists over 500 rated and ranked blogs, several of which are already advertising their Brand 150 rankings on their own sites.


As the president of, Mike Zammuto relies on over 25 years of industry experience in Internet marketing, search engine optimization, and online brand management. Under his leadership, has been rated the #1 online brand management resource, and was named a 2013 Red Herring company. Mike Zammuto intends to expand’s tech offerings and services in 2014 to better equip clients to monitor, defend, and enhance their online brands.

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