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Mike Sodrel announces candidacy for Indiana's 9th Congressional District



  • Mark White 6 years ago

    You call Baron Hill a "Blue Dog" (meaning conservative) democrat when he is a Blue Dog in name only. He voted for Pelosi-Obama Care, for "Cap and Trade" and with the liberal machine so often that the Congressman has become just another automatic liberal vote.

    Baron Hill is an embarrassment to Indiana's 9th district. Not only has he swerved into the leftward land of liberalism but he also had the gall to bring the President's chief of staff, Rahm (democrats who disagree with ME are "retards") Emanuel to the 9th district to campaign for him. Talk about being out of touch with the voters!

    Finally, Congressman Hill stands firmly WITH the Obama Administration that gave to a Nigerian, Libyan-trained terrorist the same constitutional rights enjoyed by American citizens. After a short interrogation they read this TERRORIST "his Miranda rights".

    Americans in Indiana's 9th District deserve better.

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