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Mike Snavely with Mission Imperative! at CHAP

Mike Snavely from Mission Imperative! will be at CHAP this year.
Mike Snavely from Mission Imperative! will be at CHAP this year.
M Snavely

It's that time of year again when homechoolers can start looking forward to the CHAP convention (Christian Homeschool Association of Pennsylvania) for new ideas and inspiration along with some re-invigoration after the winter blues. This year the CHAP convention, held at that PA State Farm Show in Harrisburg, is scheduled for May 7th and 8th.

One local favorite featured as a workshop speaker at the convention is Mike Snavely from Mission: Imperative! Through Mission: Imperative!, a not-for-profit ministry begun in 1996, Mike presents seminars and workshops on topics related to the biblical view of origins, often with an emphasis on the creation/evolution debate. He covers issues dealing with the global flood, dinosaurs and the six days of creation.

Mike's presentation of these topics is very kid-friendly with props, videos and a natural sense of humor, but at the same time is very informative to young and old alike. He speaks to churches, homeschool groups, camps and Christian schools.

Mike has developed a series of seven DVDs covering Genesis, evolution, the flood, dinosaurs, lost civilizations and more. Currently he is working on a new one to be released this April on the formation of the Grand Canyon.   Also in the production stage are four children's story books that will illustrate various truths about human thought and reasoning as opposed to God's.

Mike has written a curriculum designed for homeschoolers called Creation or Evolution: a Home-Study Curriculum. According to his website "this book is designed, for self-study purposes, for anyone 6th grade and above. It contains forty lessons that are divided into seven units. Most lessons have worksheets, and all units have tests. Most use this for their children as a Bible supplement. It’s designed to answer many of the questions asked on the issue of origins..."

Be sure to make time for Mike's talk and a visit to the Mission Imperative! table.  To see the other speakers for CHAP click here.


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