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Mike Schmidt, baseball hall of famer, battles melanoma

Mike Schmidt, the Philadelphia Phillies legend and Hall of Fame baseball player, announced on Sunday that he is recovering from advanced melanoma. Mike Schmidt was diagnosed with Stage 3 melanoma in August of last year and is currently receiving chemotherapy and will be undergoing more radiation treatment in the near future, according to a Chicago Tribune report on Sunday afternoon

Mike Schmidt

Sixty-four-year-old Schmidt has already had two operations, as well as the radiation and chemotherapy. It has been reported that his latest scans have been clear. Schmidt says that he feels fantastic right now. He saw a mark on his hand last summer and had the good sense to react by going to a dermatologist.

The athlete was not able to perform his regular duties as a guest spring trainer in 2014 because of the health issue. He was undergoing his last chemotherapy treatment the day after Phillies camp opened on Feb. 14.

While speaking to reporters about his situation, he said, “You get scared of the sun, man!” He also said that he’s the luckiest man alive for having made a random visit to his dermatologist late last summer. He is in Clearwater, Florida, at this time to begin his second tenure as a Phillies’ broadcaster.

Having been diagnosed with melanoma more than a decade ago, this writer can relate to this story and the comment, “You get scared of the sun.” There is no doubt that early detection is definitely the answer to the threat of melanoma. When something doesn’t look right on the skin, get it checked by a dermatologist like Schmidt did last summer - and so many others also have done. For more information about melanoma, watch the video attached to this article.

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