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Mike's Custom Setlist of the Week - KAMELOT

Hello, readers!

I’m starting a new segment:

Mike’s Custom Setlist of the Week!!!

Every Wednesday night, I’ll post a custom playlist that I’d like to hear a certain artist play live, as well as a brief bio of that artist. I'll also be providing a bit of commentary on select tracks in the list that I feel are crucial to the article and to better inform my readers.

You can submit your ideas or requests to me via email or through my Facebook page.

This week's artist is: Kamelot.

Kamelot is a Progressive Metal band based out of Tampa, FL. They are considered an American band, though two of the band's members are from Europe (vocalist Tommy Karevik is from Sweeden and keyboardist Oliver Palotai is from Germany). The band has enjoyed multinational success from their most recent album release, Silverthorn, which was the first to feature Karevik on vocals following the departure of long-time frontman Roy Khan in 2011. The band is recently wrapped up their SILVERTHORN OVER SOUTH AMERICA tour with a show in Belo Horizonte, Brazil on Feb. 11th, 2014.


  • Solitare (Intro)
  • Rule The World

These two songs, used as a lead in for the 2007 release Ghost Opera, make for an always powerful opening number to get the evening started. This has been proven throughout the years since the album's release, having been used to open just about every concert since.

  • Ashes To Ashes

This particular song has never been performed live, and, in my opinion, is one of the stronger pieces from Silverthorn. The added harsh vocals of long-time producer Sascha Paeth make for a powerful number that is sure to bring chills to all who listen to it, and would make an impressive addition to any setlist.

  • The Great Pandemonium
  • Nothing Ever Dies

From the band's 2005 release The Black Halo, which to this day is considered to be Kamelot's magnum opus, this song is meant to offer a sense of levity to the band's story. Many fans and critics felt that, with the departure of Roy Khan, the band was doomed to fail (Khan has often been revered as one of the most talented vocalists in Heavy Metal by his peers). I can foresee this song being played after a brief speech from guitarist Thomas Youngblood about the strength of the band and their ability to persevere even through the loss of such a leading member of the band, thanks to the efforts of newcomer Tommy Karevik.

  • Veritas
  • Center of the Universe
  • Ghost Opera
  • Keyboard Solo
  • Song For Jolee
  • Necropolis

This song has always been one of my personal favorites. The band's 2010 release Poetry for the Poisoned was received with mixed reviews from critics and fans, though still manages to produce musical gems such as this song. One of the bands much darker and heavier pieces, it is one that has stood central to the mood and overall ambiance created by it's host album.

  • The Human Stain
  • Don’t You Cry

Anyone who has been to a Kamelot concert in the last year has come to learn their love for this classic Kamelot piece all over again. The band played this song for the first time live with Karevik at their show in Atlanta, GA (along with tourmates Eklipse) and have made it a main staple of their live shows ever since. Karevik really shines out as the new leader of the band with this song, performing it flawlessly night after night, and it's a song that should remain in their live catalog for as long as possible.

  • My Confession
  • Sacrimony
  • Drum Solo
  • When The Lights Are Down (encore)
  • Forever (encore)
  • March of Mephisto (encore)

To put it quite simply: no Kamelot concert would ever be complete if it did not end it's finale with a wall-shattering performance of this song. This song defines Kamelot.

  • Continuum (outro)
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