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Mike Reed is about to hit the road for the first time as a pro

Reed is top prospect
Reed is top prospect
Juan Marshall

Mike Reed is about to do something he has not done yet as a professional boxer. He is going to fight away from his home area. On June 14, he will travel north on Interstate 95 to Atlantic City to take on Alberto Morales in a 6 round bout promoted by Top Rank. Some say this will be a test for Reed because he is 9-0 fighting in his back yard. Reed has a different spin on the situation. "With the amateur back ground that I have, I fought out of town much more than fighting at home, so going out of town is no problem for me." Reed's amateur accomplishments are too numerous to list here. He has been to the mountain top in the amateur ranks. Other than the Olympics, he has won everything in the amateur ranks.

Reed likes the pace his pro career has taken up to this point. He explains, "I am more than satisfied with my career up to this point. I think Keystone has done a wonderful job of helping me with my brand and to stay busy. Some young fighters don't get the work they need, but for me, I fought, at least, every other month. I was not only busy, but the quality of my opponents were good for me. The record of my opponents is over 500 combined and represents the quality of my opponents, there fore I could learn from each fight."

Reed is quite aware of his standing as one of the good young prospects out there. He sees that friends of his have signed with promoters around the country but he is not in a hurry to sign with anyone. "I have gotten calls from all of the top promoters. I don't want to say the exact ones. There is no time table on making a decision. I will take the opportunity to fight on one of their cards. It can only help to fight on one of the top promoters cards. I realize that if I put on an OK performance, but I get the W, it doesn't hurt or lets say if I get a knock out and look spectacular, it will spark the interest from them. So, I had to take this opportunity."

The opponent in the June fight has 11 wins. Reed, 21, says, "I saw some tape on him. He is tall and has real long arms, but he is slow. I feel as though I am a little shorter, but with my fighting style, I can use my hand speed and my defense to get inside of his long arms. In my second fight as a pro, I fought a guy as tall as him. I am going to have to train harder for better competition and that's what my father and I are doing." Reed fights out of a southpaw stance and for a Jr. Welterweight, he is a devastating body puncher. Please subscribe and keep up with Mike Reed and the other young fighters from DC.