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Mike Pence says Boehner plan is not supported

Mike Pence (R-Indiana)
Mike Pence (R-Indiana)
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Mike Pence, the GOP front runner for Indiana Governor, used to sit on the Republican Study Committee in Congress. The Representative from Indiana is using the contacts and trust made while in that position to attempt to convince the Republicans in the House to vote for a non-partisan version of the balanced budget amendment.

The version he is siding with, and asking his party’s members to vote for, wouldn’t require the majority vote to raise taxes or place caps on Congressional spending. Here’s the tradeoff. If the other members would vote for the bill that was supported by House members in the mid 90’s, he would be swayed to consider the proposal of Representative Boehner’ s for the debt ceiling.

Pence said that the BBA that is supported by the majority of fiscal conservatives (cut, cap, and balance) doesn’t have the support it needs for the 2/3 vote in the Senate, nor in the state legislatures. The vote had to be rescheduled for Thursday. It is also reported by the CBO that the Boehner bill will fall short of the amount of the estimated savings.