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Mike Modano returns from the desert

"After forty years had passed, an angel appeared to Moses in the flames of a burning bush in the desert...Then the Lord said to him....,"Now come, I will send you back to Egypt."  Acts 7: 29a, 33a, 34b

Last week it was announced that future Hockey Hall of Fame superstar Mike Modano is returning home to Detroit to finish his illustrious career in what I (along with my wonderful wife consider to) be the greatest sport on earth.  At 40 years old, Mike is nearing the end of an incredible career in which he has established himself as, perhaps, the greatest American born player to ever lace up skates.

This return at this time brought to mind the verses above.  Moses spent 40 years in the desert before his return to Egypt to bring hope to God's people.  40 years seems to be an important amount of time in our lives.  Mike has, literally, left the desert and is seeing a childhood dream come true.  You see, for every hockey player in Michigan, especially in the Detroit area, becoming a Detroit Red Wing is a dream come true.  Mike waited a long time for that dream, but here it is.  This may never have even been a thought a few years ago.  You see, Mike helped to carry a franchise from Minnesota to Texas, where many wondered if Hockey could survive.  He led a movement that made the Dallas Stars a premier team in the league, and even helped them win a Stanley Cup in 1999.  In many ways, Mike had already seen many dreams come true.  At that point, most of us would simply accept that those long-ago hopes from our childhood would just vanish.  That, however, is not always the case.

Many of us feel that, if we have not accomplished our most heartfelt goals and desires by age 40, then they have passed us by for good.  And yet, we see countless examples in our own Bible of people that waited much longer than that.  Moses was actually 83 when he finally returned to Egypt to help save God's people.  (See Exodus 4:18)  Abraham and Sarah were considered "ancient" when their long hoped for son was born (see Genesis 21).  It seems that there was something God wanted to do as His people developed and grew in those years.  Moses learned to be a leader during his time in the desert.  And so, it seems, did Mike Modano.

Now, please don't get upset and think that I am making a spiritual comparison between Moses, who was the greatest teacher in the Old Testament,  and a hockey player.  It simply makes for an interesting segue into our Christian lives.  Mike Modano no longer needs to lead an entire team.  It is now his time to be part of a team and contribute to its success.  Not on the first or second lines, but on the third line and special teams.  All of the experience and leadership he has will fortify (to an incredible degree) a championship team and may well lead to another Stanley Cup for Detroit.  Our team has a knack for finding amazing players with incredible ability to come and be a part of history.  Last year, it was Todd Bertuzzi who helped carry the team during a time of injury and strain.  This year, with a healthy roster, Todd could well score 20 to 30 goals and find himself more free to be what he truly is, one of the most gifted Power Forwards to ever play the game.  Mike will join the ranks as a powerful scorer and tremendous team player.  These two incredible players no longer need to carry a team, but be a part of its flight. 

And so, it may be time for all of us to step back.  We have each been tried and tested, worked and wrought into something more than we were before.  Our lifelong dreams may have been pushed to the back burner, or completely out of the picture.  Sometimes, friends, it is God who gives us those dreams.  What we don't realize is that, while we are waiting, we are being equipped to truly grasp them in a way we never could have before.  It may not be a Stanley Cup, or saving a Nation, or even holding your firstborn child.  Your dream is your own, and only God can truly help you to find it.  Don't let 40 years in the desert take away your hearts desire, let it lead you closer than you ever imagined was possible.

Be blessed this week, friends.  This time may be the very thing we look back on as the catalyst for all that God had prepared for us.  Try to enjoy the ride so that the final destination is even sweeter!  Tune in again later this week as we continue to share in this great gift called life.  Until then, God bless and keep reading!


  • Patrick Rall - The Detroit Autos Examiner 4 years ago

    Mike Modano is, without any question, one of the best American born players ever...but he certainly isnt going to help with the perception that the wings are "old". I am interested to see how much of an impact he can make at this point in his career.

  • Jeremy Laura 4 years ago


    well said. I have a real "Brett Hull in 2002" feeling about this move. I can't wait to see what the chemistry is like with Modano between either Cleary and Hudler or Bertuzzi and Franzen. Very cool.

  • Patrick Rall - The Detroit Autos Examiner 4 years ago

    It will be interesting to see how Modano does. I understand your comparison to Hull but he is and was a much more "hard nosed" player so he could fill other roles. He went from being a high-flying goal scorer to more of a grinding lower line player...I dont think that Mr. GQ- Mike Modano woudl be able to make a similar transition - and is he going to be able to be a high flyer at this point in his career?

  • Profile picture of Jeremy Laura
    Jeremy Laura 4 years ago

    Patrick, you have an excellent grasp of personalities. I think that Mike will open up quite a bit more as a third line/power play guy. It's amazing how guys with as many career points as he has can slow down when they are trying to carry a team, but can open back up with a little freedom. I'm sure there is a 20 goal or so expectation regular season. I think his points will shoot up using Hudler and Cleary, and they will certainly be outgunning many other third line matchups. It should be fun!

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