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Mike Messier's The Nature of the Flame

The Nature of the Flame
The Nature of the Flame
The Nature of the Flame

You may not completely understand The Nature of the Flame, but you may enjoy it. Hey, it’s Zen and everyone can take something different. The Nature of the Flame’s two actresses have little to say, but say it well.

Lindsey Elisabeth Cork’s character is in the middle of a nightmare. It is a dream of predator and prey and disturbs Lindsey. Lindsey arrives at a monastery and meets a character played by Jocelyn Padilla. Jocelyn seems to fulfill a mentor role, but this is Zen and maybe that’s taking things too far.

Lindsey does seem to be making progress and by the film’s end seems to have moved on, or is this Jocelyn’s dream. In Zen you have to work it out your self.

The Nature of the Flame was filmed at the Providence Zen Center which is not in Providence but in the beautiful Rhode Island island country. One would hope someone could be enlightened in such an idyll.

The two actresses both come across as sympathetic characters. Jocelyn Padilla, who plays the mentor role has numerous acting credits. Writing and producing are also on her resume. IMDB gives her age as 25. So young and yet a veteran.

Lindsey Elisabeth Cork has not been in the game as long, but has been working. She and Jocelyn are collaborating on I Am Monroe which is currently filming. From The Nature of the Flame, it is obvious, the duo work well together.

Mike Messier is the writer and director of The Nature of the Flame. He has a track record in the regional film scene, most recently as director of the gem, the Actor, which the Boston Film Industry Examiner has reviewed. If you’ve been lucky enough to see that you know what he is capable of.

Mike's assistant director was Roland Khorshidianzadeh. Chris Hunter handled editing and cinematography.

Mike also has a website you can access at . There is a lot going on there.

So what led him to The Nature of the Flame? Fifty cents is all it took. Well, let’s let Mike explain,

The page begins some time ago with a visit to the library, and while waiting in line to check out a few books as I recall, I turned my head and saw a "Books for Sale" shelf. There was nothing on the shelf that particularly jumped out at me just then, so I turned back my attention to the front of the line. Then, I twisted my neck back to the Books for Sale shelf and out popped, in distinction, an orange, yellow and white covered book, titled Zen and the Art of Making a Living by Lawrence G. Boldt. Well, I proceeded to step out of line and towards the Books for Sale shelf and purchased this gem for a mere Fifty cents. I have not looked back since.

So began his journey with Zen. He is not hiding anything with The Nature of the Flame. Will you find enlightenment; begin an adventure, or just an intriguing experience? Who knows, just enjoy it and remember, there are no wrong answers.

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