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Mike McFadden, Chris Matthews and the Left's tired playbook

The Democrats can't run on their accomplishments in 2014. That's painfully obvious because they've already started pulling out their boogeymen that they usually save for the last 2-3 weeks of the campaign.

Chris Matthews' latest diatribe is a perfect example of the Left's desparation. Here's what he said:

A Republican incumbent that you think you have a decent chance of beating, a decent chance, and plan everything around that. Take this guy Dave Jolly. Knock him out in November. Take Pat Meehan. Take Mike McFadden. Figure out a guy in a suburban district. You go after choice. Say 'These crazy right wing Christian nuts are gonna take away your right to choose. They're doing it. Just listen to what they're saying. They're going after Social Security. They can't stop saying entitlement. Go after that. Stick it to em. You've gotta keep hitting them with the things they say. Don't lie. Just emphasize the things they're saying to their crazy right and then you tell that to the middle. And maybe you can knock off some of these guys. But unless you go on attack, I don't know how you play defense.

Matthews must be slipping because he forgot to talk about how the GOP is ruled by the Koch Brothers. Either that or they're marching to Rush Limbaugh's drum. It's hard to keep track of this week's boogeyman.

Matthews' comments are straight from a fool's diatribe. Mike McFadden hasn't talked about abortion rights. Neither has Dave Jolly. While it's true that there are some single-issue voters who care about abortion rights or entitlement reform, those aren't the voters that'll decide this election.

This year's election will be decided by Obamacare voters. In 1996, Bill Clinton won by winning over the soccer moms. In 2004, George W. Bush won by winning over security moms and NASCAR dads. Each election cycle has its own pivotal group that tips the election in one direction or another.

This year, Obamacare voters constitute that pivotal group. That's why Democrats are frightened and playing defense. They know, like Matthews, that they'll get their butts handed to them if they fight over Obamacare.

Democrats know that they won't be retake the House. That ship has sailed. Similarly, they know that they'll lose seats in the Senate. The only thing that hasn't been determined is whether they'll lose enough seats to give the gavels back to Republicans.

Here's something that voters will care about. Al Franken spent the last 20 years being a mediocre comedian, a mean-spirited talk show host and President Obama's rubberstamp. Meanwhile, Mike McFadden has spent the last 20 years helping small businesses grow while creating jobs. He's also devoted time to education reform.

It isn't difficult to figure out which person is better equipped to put in place policies that'll get this lethargic economy going again. Hint: it isn't Al Franken.

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