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Mike Marts returns back to Marvel

Marvel I love you.
Marvel I love you.

Mike Marts, no not the NFL head coach and offensive coordinator. I know we are all coming down off of the Super Bowl high, but lets get football off our minds. Mike Marts was the senior editor of New X Men, Astonishing X Men, and other X Men titles at Marvel comics from 1996 to 2006. Then he make a move to DC comics to become Group Editor of Batman. Mike Marts has worked with big names sure as Joss Whedon, John Cassaday, Frank Quitely, and Grant Morrison. Moving back to Marvel comics he will have the title of Executive Editor. With DC comics making the move from New York to Los Angeles, Mike Marts is making the move back to Marvel comics.

DC comics will be moving their offices to Burbank, California in 2015. DC comics asked their New York employees to decide if they were going to move with the company out west. Mike Marts nor DC comics has come out saying that this is the reason for him to jump from one company to the other or not, but it could be a big reason. DC comics has also not yet told us who they have in mind to take over their Batman office, but we are all extremely excited to find out. And we are excited to see which titles Mike Marts will be working on at Marvel.

What are some of your favorite X Men titles and who would you like to see running the Batman office?