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Mike Ianconelli, “Never give up” wins Philadephia on the Delaware

Mike Ianconelli, “Never give up” wins Philadephia on the Delaware
Mike Ianconelli, “Never give up” wins Philadephia on the Delaware

Hallowed home turf ground. Mike Ianconelli’s tournament, a lot of demand-controlled fans. The ‘Bassmaster Classic’ berth and $100,000 prize are in sight now. Pressure, “Mike’s feelin’ it.” The fans in Philly are operating on high static ‘demand on peak’ and minimum brake horsepower.

Square off in the backyard Wipe the winning streak sweat from his brow. Peaking now, Ianconelli’s best. This is what you live for fishing professionally. You want the other Pros to be good but you want to be the big bag on stage. This tournament is very exciting for the fans. They are set off by anticipation.

The science behind it Hunker down and have a plan, do your homework. Wanting to win is a basic human instinct. Strategy is what happened when you think about making changes. Is this what winning a professional bass fishing Elite Series tournament is like?

Ike, Ike Ike Dave Mercer, “Now I know how Jerry springer felt all those years. Is there a tiny part of the Pros that didn’t want to win today since it’s obviously an Ianconelli crowd?” Boyd Duckett, “I’m going to get eight or twelve tour busses and take these fans with me. Off shore grass with a big chatter bait and a big trailer on it. Then it died yesterday.” 8-6 33-7

John “The Missile” Crews “There’s few things that can make me fish better than I’m going to fish, but knowing that I’m going to come back and weigh-in in front of fans like this, I’ll do it. The Evan Williams is going to flow on the river tonight. Chatterbait and buzzbait ruled.” 6-1 31-5

Byron “The Bachelor” Velvick “I gotta’ get a picture of this crowd it’s amazing. Thanks for coming out man. Livingstong and soft baits. I love you guys in Philly.” The crowd begins chanting, “Hollywood, Hollywood, Hollywood.” Velvick through Livingston lure baits out in the crowd. 5-2 31-8

Chad Pipkens “I’ll take some tough fishing 4-3 and a crowd like this any day 30-9. Spinner bait and chatter bait. It’s a unique fishery, and it’s been an awesome time.”

Chris Lane 27-0 to begin the day, 12-14 and 39-14 to finish the Elite Series on The Delaware River. Skeet Reese 7-3 and 34-11.

Kevin Short “I like Ike,” the crowd goes fanatical, “I like his wife better.” 11-0 39-0

Shaw Grigsby 8-14 36-5 “I figured out my weight and I took it off on day two and I wish I could have day one all over again. There’s not another sport that has as many variables to deal with as fishing does. Fishing doesn’t get noisy crowds like this and it feels great.”

Jason Christie Five fish all alive for live release, 10-14 in that Berkeley weigh-in bag, for a total of 28-3. “I don’t remember a bigger louder crowd as much as this one is. I caught some fish on spinnerbait. I covered a lot of water 6, 7, 8 miles a day. When the tide came in I just road it as hard as I could. A lot of it’s mental, and not about the big bass, this was one of those tournaments that proved that.”

Scott Rook 29-10 to start the day, 2-14, 32-8. “I ran out of fish, I caught 11 keepers yesterday. I’m not going to complain being here in championship Sunday. A Zoom super Chuck Junior. Thanks for having us here.”

Bill Lowen Theres that blood curdling scream again every timeLowen’s name is announced by Dave Mercer. 30-7 to start today, “I had an awesome week. I’m a true river rat. I got to go fish the way I love to fish. Yamaha and Skeeter lets me run up and down the river. I’ve never been to a city that is more proud of their river and their hometown hero. I don’t know squat about reading a tide. All my fish were on the incoming tide.”

The fans are hysterical and loud, chanting Ike

Mike Ianconelli 37-0 to start 10-4 and total bag of 47-14. Dave Mercer to Mike, “You crushed it here this week. Giving you $100,000 and Classic berth. Tell me what’s on your mind.”

Mike, “It’s very emotional for me right now. Winning on the river I learned to fish on. I grew up being told a city kid; a kid from Jersey could never win at this sport. Go for your dreams! I won for you guys, I won for you this is your victory. It was all about the tide and having a spot on every point of the tides. Jigs, Havoc Pit Boss. I caught the fish on the nastiest stuff you’ve seen this week, shopping carts, drains pipes.” The crowd goes wild and loud.

Dreams do come true The 2014 Elite Series on the Delaware Philadelphia Champion is Mike Ianconelli. Mike is in the crowd with his trophy and the fans are loving it. The East has seen a lot of tragedy the past few years on a national level and a local level and hometown boy making it big and giving it back is just what the doctor ordered. We love you Mike as much as you love us.

The next Elite Series tournament is August 21-24 at Cayuga Lake Union Springs, New York.

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