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Mike Ianconelli Jersey lead Day 2 Elite Series Delaware River

But where are the Bass on the Delaware? Maybe not the shorelines like the bass would be in the grasses. The channels run deeper. The high nutrient content of the water grow some fat shad and even bigger bass. Break out the sonar and feel it. August 7-10, 2014 in Philadephia, PA and the weather is mild for the ‘Dog Days’ of summer.

Mike Ianconelli Jersey lead Day 2 Elite Series Delaware River

Feast or famine Day two into the Elite Series Bass fishing tournament and the Pros are weighing smaller stringers than average. Boyd Duckett has the heaviest stringer 16-14 day one of the event, 6-7 today for a total weight of 23-5 putting him in second place. Mike Ianconelli, has fished the Delaware all of his life, is in first place today had 9-2 yesterday and boated 15-1 today giving him 24-3 total.

Offshore humps, submerged islands or ditches? What would you do? The Carhartt Big Bass Leader is Bill Lowen Brookville, Indiana 4-0. Tidal waters, the Bassmaster site says there is a seven foot difference in water levels (full high and dead low) and the bass are controlled by it. If you aren’t standing at the right place at the right time you can forget it. You have to catch the big ones and not let them get away to come out on top. Do you fish it saltwater style?

Knowing tidal time, location and volume of water When you are following falling water the bass are pushed back into tighter areas. During the higher tide the fish scatter out. Any irregular points are good places to start and a 2014 Tidal Chart for the river. During full moons tides are higher than normal. That’s what being a Pro is all about, planning and evaluating.

The Expo opens at noon on Saturday and Sunday Boat launch is 6:15 am ET and Frankford Arsenal Boat Launch 5701 Tacony st., and weigh-in takes place at 3:15pm ET, Great Plaza Penn’s Landing 211 South Columbus blvd. Philadelphia, PA 19106.

3. Morizo Shimizu 12-2 10-4 22-6

4. Bill Lowen 11-1 10-2 21-13

5. John Crews 9-13 11-14 21-11

6. Kevin Short 11-6 10-1 21-7

7. Scott Rook 10-15 9-13 20-12

8. Todd Faircloth 8-10 11-11 20-5

9. Shaw Grigsby 4-4 14-15 19-1

10. Matthew Herren 6-10 11-15 18-9

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