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Mike Huckabee: Common Core is “Toxic”

Former governor and TV talk show host Mike Huckabee let the rat out of the bag: Common Core is toxic.

In truth, he didn’t actually say that. He said that the “term” has become toxic. At this point he got into some real hairsplitting.

He tried to draw a distinction between the wonderful innovation he vigorously supported six months ago. And the monstrosity that the public has now figured out and learned to hate. Both things are called Common Core.

Huckabee has even gone so far as to tell the sponsors of Common Core that they should drop the name. They should rebrand. They should keep pushing this Frankenstein but, please, with some new terminology.

Huckabee was clearly shocked by the wrath of his fans and supporters. They hate Common Core and if Huckabee supports it, they hate him. So he’s doing some fancy footwork to try to distance himself from Common Core.

Huckabee listed all the features that he wouldn’t tolerate. Such things as the federal government creating a uniform curriculum for every subject, the federal government collecting data on every child, the federal government getting in the way of parental control of their children’s education. In fact, these are the very core of Common Core.

So Huckabee has made two big blunders here. He was flat-footed politically when he embraced the Education Establishment’s promises about Common Core. He should have known not to trust these people given their track record of coming up with bad ideas. (In fairness to Huckabee, this pattern happened all over the country. For example, in Norfolk, all the powers-that-be jumped on the bandwagon.)

Then, when the public got out in front of him, Huckabee should have realized the extent of his mistake. He was wrong. His public was right. Common Core is a disaster. If not pushed back and repealed, it will become a greater disaster. Basically, it constitutes a huge federal power grab. Bureaucrats in Washington, DC will dictate every detail of public school instruction.

At its heart Common Core is radically egalitarian or collectivist. If every kid in the classroom can’t understand something, that “something” can’t be taught. Thus ends genuine education.

Common Core is not anything new. It’s merely an aggressive reformulation of bad ideas going back a hundred years. Here’s how Robin Eubanks puts it in her new book “Credentialed to Destroy": “Professor Linda Darling-Hammond, a primary architect of radical education reform here and internationally, was quoted as saying basically that with the Common Core national standards we will finally be achieving John Dewey’s vision for education.” A vision Dewey first proposed around 1910.

Eubanks further states: “If Goals 2000 or Common Core had actually been designed with the best of intentions, which they were not, such wholesale reengineering of a complex social system would still be a terrible idea. That’s why social engineering has such a bad reputation...from a long history of awful results.”

Common Core is like ObamaCare in being federal overreach of epic proportions, with endless nasty surprises almost guaranteed. The real goal in both cases seems to be immense power. At this moment our Educrats are in a frenzy as they try to push Common Core through to domination.

Simultaneously, however, many states are having second thoughts and want to pull back. The general public is starting to understand the threat that Common Core represents.

Some states are following Huckabee’s advice to use different terms, as if lipstick will make a pig more attractive.

The country doesn’t need politicians like Huckabee trying to dance around the obvious. The country needs leaders who will declare to the federal government: You’re wrong. Now back up.

Historical footnote: Romney in 2012 ran on a campaign of canceling, Common Core. He wanted local control.



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