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Mike Huckabee and Republicans would prefer if women kept their vaginas shut

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In the latest episode of Republicans believing that they should be in charge of women's healthcare decisions about THEIR bodies, former Arkansas governor and Christian conservative Mike Huckabee went on a rant Thursday that affirmed the Republican war on women is in full swing. Huckabee accused Democrats of trying to convince women they need the government to help them "control their libidos" suggesting that rather than use birth control, women should simply control their urges thus avoiding pregnancy. Yes, he did. I don’t know where to begin addressing that kind of misogynist backward logic but here goes.

Let’s begin with the fact that women cannot get pregnant without the help of a man but yet unwanted pregnancy is an issue of women's libidos? Moreover, providing affordable birth control for some women has nothing to do with their libido and more to do with their circumstances that moves them to choose not to have anymore children. Birth control can keep from paying for births of unwanted children that may wind up in foster care or on welfare. Unintended pregnancies usually result in low birth rate and pre-term birth because of the lack of pre-natal care - both of which can have serious consequences. Moreover, many women take birth control for reasons other than preventing conception such as in the treatment of health related issues like endometriosis and ovarian cysts.

Huckabee goes on to say “I don't know any helpless and hopeless creatures whose only goal in life is to have the government provide for them birth control medication". Well, this writer doesn’t know any women who believe their access to birth control and family planning should be made by a bunch of old white guys in suits. Mike Huckabee’s views are a microcosm of this current crop of 19th century conservative Republicans who are trying to control women. His contention that women get pregnant because they're promiscuous may seem over the top to most but not to Huckabee and his Evangelical tea party bunch. If we asked them what about married women who may no longer want children? Their response would probably be too bad. What about women who are raped? Too bad. What about sexually responsible young women who don't end up in poverty through an unwanted pregnancy? Too bad.

Huckabee and his ilk will never wake up to the fact that their extremist views are very offensive to the vast majority of women who want to control their personal sex lives and reproductive rights. They will never wake up to the fact that these same women sympathize with other women who may need affordable healthcare services including birth control.

Here’s a newsflash Mike Huckabee: Women’s issues are the sole right of women and the days of women putting aspirins between their knees are long gone.