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Mike Harmon speaks out about 2013 drama with Jennifer Jo Cobb

Mike Harmon
Getty Images for NASCAR

NASCAR Nationwide Series veteran driver Mike Harmon has recently spoken out about his legal issues from 2013, specifically being charged last May with stealing a car hauler, vehicles and other equipment belonging to fellow racer Jennifer Jo Cobb. Harmon was charged along with Cobb's former business partner David Novak. Cobb eventually asked that the charges be dropped.

This is what Harmon had to say about the matter via a statement posted on

"We were in the right all along and the Federal Judges ruling stating Mr. (David) Novak as an owner of JJCR and of Goliath Racing (the name JJCR was changed to) finally forced Rowan County to do the right thing and drop the charges, and let the civil court decide this matter as Lincoln County already had done. It’s a shame when 1 person wastes TAX PAYER dollars for personal gain in this economy when it seems that most people are struggling in these hard times.

"I want to thank all my family, friends and fans for standing behind me during this trying and stressful time. It has easily been the worst year and racing season of my life.

"For those who ASSUMED I and the others were guilty, SHAME ON YOU for not getting your FACTS straight before forming an opinion, and then saying things or putting things on the internet about me that were outright LIES AND SLANDER. I still stand behind my original statement of 'I’VE NEVER EVEN STOLEN SO MUCH AS A PIECE OF BUBBLEGUM' and now that the truth is finally coming out you all see who it was telling the TRUTH and who has been telling LIES.

"I would like to apologize to my MOTHER especially, who has been deeply hurt and in no way deserved any of this and who has been very supportive and wonderful. She raised my sister and myself better than to be a liar or a thief, also to my family, friends and sponsors for the pain, suffering and embarrassment this last year has caused them.

"I know that this all is far from being completely over as myself and the others that were falsely accused and falsely arrested are still dealing with all the damage that was done to our reputations, careers, and emotional well being. It will soon be our turn for justice and the rest of the pieces falling into place.

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