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Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood


Ottawa Senator hockey player Mike Fisher and American Idol winner Carrie Underwood are engaged! Joy is in the air this holiday as the couple have made an official step to wards the union of marriage. Excited Fisher announced the news of his previous Sunday proposal at a press conference on Monday. Although the couple have not yet released any  further details concerning the date, reports from  convey true pre-wedding excitement. It seems that the most exciting relationships are the ones nobody knows about. Fisher and Underwood have been dating since last year and have pretty much stayed under the radar till now. As mentioned in Gary Chapman's "The Five Love Languages," Dr. Dorothy Tennov, a psychologist, says:

"The average life span of a romantic obsession is two years. If it is a secret love affair it may last a little longer."

Looks like this savvy couple just beat the deadline. With hints of a love connection in Underwood's lyrics and Fisher's television interviews this match has done a great job by maintaining the exclusivity of their relationship.

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  • April 5 years ago

    Love is such a wonderful thing! I find it great that Carrie and Mike didn't feel the need to publicize their relationship; I'm sure they avoided a lot of drama, gossip, and rumors by keeping things private.