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Mike Easley: The smoking gun in his own words

Anti-gun former Gov. Mike Easley endorsed gun control proposal from "Americans for Gun Safety
Anti-gun former Gov. Mike Easley endorsed gun control proposal from "Americans for Gun Safety
Impage courtesy of Grass Roots North Carolina


  • sidwasout 5 years ago

    A quick check of the NC General Assembly website shows that both SB 919 and HB 1354 passed by almost unanimous votes. So, by Paul's reckoning, it is unlikely that any legislator currently in office who was in office then (and that's a lot of them) cannot possibly have a perfect voting record. So, what does the GRNC guide say?

  • Ken Soderstrom 5 years ago

    Sleazy Easley was clearly no friend to gun owners, and NRA's support of this apparently corrupt former governer is the type of cynical position that has left true patriots scratching their heads. What happened to a once great organization? Easley's probably going to be indicted after the election and so likely will have plenty of time to reconsider his unconstitutional history.

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    Easly is a democrat and the NRA is a has been as far as protecting 2nd amendment rights is concerned . I rest my case .

  • sidwasout 5 years ago

    Uh, wrong posting, Paul. That was in another thread. I'm glad you don't get any money out of GRNC, though. No expenses even? Good for you! That's commitment.

    But if I'm making you money here, why on earth would you want to push me away with the threat of a "harassment investigation"? Or maybe that wasn't directed at me.

    You are aware that you are intentionally provoking responses, though, right? So, if you post something designed to provoke a response, how can you go crying to that you are getting "harassed" by the responses you actually wanted? And get paid for? Doesn't really make sense, does it?

    BTW, what "personal slur" did I make? Point it out, and I will be glad to publicly apologize if you took something the wrong way.

  • Jeff Rau 5 years ago

    Are any of you really saying you think Easley was a supporter of 2A or self-defense? If so then make your case. Whay did he do to earn your support. Was it simply an NRA endorsement?

    Easley even tried to kill a pro self-defense law after he signed it. HB 1311 was a bill intended to make it easier for domestic violence victims to get emergency CHPs. The only part that passed was to inform the DV victim about getting a CHP. And Easley signs the bill only after making a deal with to remove the language in another bill.

    Thanks to GRNC the language was not removed.

    Again, what has Easley done that earns your support?

  • Jeff Rau 5 years ago

    Also as governor Easley did support gun control. Including a letter he wrote supporting a bill which among other bad things would have allowed the government access to a lot of medical and mental health records of anyone treated a certain facilities.

    He signed 1 pro self-defense bill only after making a deal to gut the bill in a technical corrections bill, as if it was a typo. The bill passed by enormous margins in both chambers.

    And I might add, what Easley did as AG doesn't just evaporate because he became governor. His anti-gun/self-defense actions as AG speak volumes.

    If Easley had been perfect as governor, without going into the records I guess he could have earned 1 or 2 stars.

    Go back in time and the NRA itself said Easley could not go from an F to an A in 4 years.

  • Ken Soderstrom 5 years ago

    Sid, that's what we're trying to tell you: quit clinging to your NRA ratings - they're designed only to promote the power and influence of NRA, not to promote and defend your right to keep and bear arms.

    If you can't figure-out who to vote for yourself, don't worry, we'll help you. That's what GRNC does; help NC gun owners. We're willing to help NRA learn to promote rather than deprive you of rights, but they appear too busy playing 3D Vulcan chess with Harry "Sotomayor and Kagan, please" Reid.

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