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Mike Ditka endorses Erika Harold

If ever Illinois politicians wanted an endorsement from a sports figure, it's Chicago Bear's legend Mike Ditka. Erika Harold wanted Ditka's endorsement. She didn't just want his endorsement. She won his endorsement just days before Illinois' primary.

At this point, Harold is fighting an uphill fight because she's running against the freshman incumbent from her own party. She's face opposition within the GOP because they want to back the incumbent. That's perfectly understandable. Then again, Harold isn't just another promising Republican talent.

She's a former Miss America. She's a TEA Party activist. She's a constitutionalist. She's also biracial. That doesn't make her more qualified than other candidates. It just means that, along with Mia Love, Nikki Haley and Susanna Martinez, she's helping change the face and the political leaning of the Republican Party.

Thanks to winning the Miss America title, Miss Harold was able to use that scholarship to attend Harvard Law School, where she won the Harvard Ames Moot Court semi-final and final rounds of competition.

Ditka's endorsement shouldn't be taken lightly. He's tinkered with the thought of running for political office himself. He's a legendary football figure in a state where football has been king for decades. Most importantly, his endorsement can't help but improve turnout for Harold for Tuesday's primary.

Harold would be the Democrats' worst PR nightmare if she wins because it'd limit the ways Democrats might attack her. If they don't walk that political tightrope properly, they might come across as racists.

It goes without saying that candidates that are viewed as racists or, at minimum, silent while racists take a hatchet to a political candidate, don't do well in general elections.

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