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Mike Clark's rock and folk fusion at The Shoe Factory

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Mike Clark graced the stage at The Shoe Factory, on Feb. 9. He was the headliner, Josh Dillard was the opening act and Desirae Garcia was the direct support. Clark played the guitar and provided vocals. Garcia and Kelsey Sprague were his special guests and provided backup vocals and danced.

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Clark began his recital with “Sunny Side Up” and said the song was written soon after the passing of his dog, as more patrons found a place to sit down. He stated how he did not like the feedback the microphones were giving him, asked the crowd for permission to perform without them and they agreed with a unanimous decision.

Prior to “Its Over Again”, Clark brought Garcia and Sprague to join him on stage. Afterwards—he said he was hoping to hold a music festival in his backyard in May and call it “The Kettle Fest”. He mentioned he had lived in Colo. since Sept. and resided in “The Grove” section of town.

After “Pawn Shop”, Clark went onto say Garcia and Sprague were in his eight-piece band, Mike Clark and the Sugar Shack. Then, he went onto ask the crowd if they wanted to hear a fun or sad song. The crowd agreed to listen to a fun one.
As a result—he joked and said to himself, “Cheer up, bud.”

Before “What Lovers Do”, Clark said he had two more songs for the spectators. He spoke of his experiences in Pueblo, Colo. and encouraged them to join him for Bingo Burger or to watch sports. After he mentioned sports, the crowd laughed with him. Playing off of their response, he said he remembered going into Shamrock Brewing Company and being overwhelmed by the sports on the television screens. He later complimented the restaurant and said they had the best food in town.

“Burn You Up” ended Clark’s concert, after he asked the crowd if they wanted one more song. Some of the attendees wanted him to perform two more songs. He had the crowd vote again, after he asked if they wanted to hear a fun song or a sad one. Again, they agreed with a fun one. Sprague and Garcia stood next to him and assisted with backup vocals.

“Do the Math”, “The Dreamer”, “Come Back My Way”, “All These Tears”, “The Heat of my Heart” and “Good Love” were also part of Mike Clark’s set.