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Miguel Cotto could have a golden future

Cotto could cross the eye with Golden Boy Promotions
Cotto could cross the eye with Golden Boy Promotions
Top Rank Promotions

Junior middleweight boxing standout Miguel Cotto has spent his ten year career under the promotional claws of Top Rank Promotion.

The Las Vegas based firm has developed Cotto from a Puerto Rican prospect into one of boxing’s biggest stars and promotional draws.

Saturday night Cotto filled the rafters inside of Madison Square Garden and extracted revenge from Antonio Margarito.

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With getting a victory over one of the two men who had defeated him as a professional, it is speculated that the thirty-one year old Cotto is now in the twilight of his prestigious career.

And as Cotto fades, his contract with Top Rank Promotions has expired. To make matters even more interesting, there have been reports that Cotto feels as Top Rank gave Margarito more support in recent year.

It is highly speculated that Margarito benefited from the use of illegal hand wraps during his 2008 knock-out victory against Cotto – a fight that left the Puerto Rican physically broken.

In the aftermath of Margarito – Cotto I, Top Rank’s head man Bob Arum vocally and publically supported Margarito in getting reinstated into boxing after the Mexican was caught with illegal hand-wraps before a fight with Shane Mosley and was suspended by California’s governing body.

Two weeks before the rematch with Cotto, Arum went as far as saying he would like to see Margarito fight Julio Cesar Chavez Junior in 2012, basically saying he would rather have Margarito win in the rematch with Cotto.

Following Cotto victory against Margarito, on an appearance on The Boxing Truth Radio, National Boxing Examiner Michael Marley reported that Cotto and Arum hugged and made up during the post fight press conference; basically assuring that Cotto re-signs with Top Rank and fights Chavez Junior next.

Not so fast, says this hack.

Miguel Cotto has only one high level, pay per view worthy fight with Top Rank, and the aforementioned bout with Chavez Junior. Top Ranks promotional roster is rather thin in the junior middleweight division.

So Cotto can re-sign with Top Rank, fight a larger, younger Chavez Junior at middleweight and win, lose, or draw, have very few options left.

Now, if Miguel Cotto were to test the waters in boxing’s free agent boxing, it is likely Los Angeles based Golden Boy Promotions would come knocking on the Boricua’s door.

Golden Boy, which finds itself in business Cold War with Top Rank and keeping many of boxing’s best bouts from happening, could provide Miguel Cotto a long list of ulcerative fights.

A quick list of Golden Boy’s talent at 154 pounds includes rising Mexican star Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, the one and only Floyd Mayweather Junior, James Kirkland, Alfredo Angulo, and Erislandy Lara.

If you are Miguel Cotto, do you go with what you know, or try to extend your career with two or three more high profile fights –including the possibility of testing your mettle against Mayweather Junior?

The answer may not be as easy as hugging, kissing, and resigning with Bob Arum and Top Rank.


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