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Migration to the Cloud

Agile-Defense, Inc.
Agile-Defense, Inc.
Agile-Defense, Inc.

More and more technology procurement decisions are being made by HR because we understand the skill-sets, training, and personnel needed to keep these departments running smoothly. At the same time, shifting to "the cloud" isn't a matter of if, but when. So it was no surprise when Agile Defense, Inc., one of the world leaders in providing Innovative Network Security and IT infrastructure support services, announced the launch of their New Cloud Services Division to be led by Brian Burns as Director of Cloud Services.

Bringing 17 years of web hosting and cloud computing knowledge and experience, the Agile-Defense, Inc. Cloud Services division offers application rationalization, migration, and management solutions to their existing DoD and Public Sector customers as well as .Net application development services including Microsoft SharePoint® solutions. Below are his tips for every company to consider when choosing the right solution provider when moving into the cloud.

1. Experience in your field. While you may not need to understand all of the technology involved in the cloud transition -- you do want to be sure your solution provider has experience in your field. When they do, you can leverage this experience to your benefit, which may also bring you some cost savings.

2. Time to understand your specifics. Even with background in your industry, it is necessary that a solution provider take the time to understand the details and requirements of your business. Choose a solution provider that is willing to take the time on-site and through dedicated tutorials to mutually share both your needs and to understand how those could be migrated to a cloud solution.

3. Security is a two-way street. Remember that you are just as responsible for the security of your cloud solution as your Cloud Service Provider (CSP). Cloud security is only as good as the weakest link! Make sure you work with a solutions provider who has certified and verified cloud security and can provide you with what you need beyond the CSP.

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