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Mighty Taco takes a mighty stand against Vladimir Putin

Mighty Taco has banned Vladimir Putin.
Mighty Taco has banned Vladimir Putin.
Marianna Massey/Getty

An American fast food chain has banned the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, from eating there. Mighty Taco will not let Putin into any of their restaurants. According to an April 4 report by Newsday, Mighty Taco is based in Buffalo, New York.

All 23 locations of Mighty Taco in western New York will not allow Vladimir Putin in their restaurants. This is due to the Russian president invading and occupying Crimea, the Ukrainian peninsula.

According to a post on social media, Mighty Taco stated that Putin may be “ordering around Crimea,” but they won't let order a Super Mighty. The Super Mighty is one of Mighty Taco's most popular items on their menu.

Mighty Taco is taking a mighty stand against Vladimir Putin. Despite this, the fast food chain said he would be welcome back, but there are conditions. Vladimir Putin must stop “acting like a bully” and “picking on people.”

Mighty Taco is not the only fast food chain standing up against Putin. McDonald's has closed all of their restaurants in Crimea. They have offered to pay all the relocation costs for their employees to move to Ukraine, away from the Russian occupation.