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Mighty No. 9's new gameplay footage

New Mega Ma... sorry, Mighty No. 9 footage
New Mega Ma... sorry, Mighty No. 9 footage

During the GDC (Game Developers Conference), Keiji Inafune released a new Mighty No. 9 video that not only features new gameplay footage, but also Mighty Nos. 1-8.

The gameplay is very reminiscent of his most famous creation from Capcom: Mega Man. Mighty No. 9 (or Beck) moves, jumps, and shoots like Mega Man. Beck even has a charging attack, which is similar to Mega Man X (a spinoff from the original series).

Some of the Mighty No. bosses are very similar to the bosses from the original Mega Man. For example, Mighty No. 1 looks like Fire Man, Mighty No. 2 looks like Ice Man, Might No. 3 looks like Elec Man (even though No. 3 is a woman), and Mighty No. 4 looks like Guts Man.

This could be the game that Mega Man fans anticipated, which is actually not Mega Man, but for the fans at this point, it doesn't matter. Comcept will release Mighty No. 9 in Spring of 2015.