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Mighty Morphin Red Ranger meets his Japanese counterpart for the first time

At Power Morphicon 2014 this past weekend, Power Ranger fans experienced many world firsts in this historic convention. August 23, 2014 marked the first time the Mighty Morphin Red Ranger (Austin St. John) and his Japanese counterpart Geki (Yuta Mochizuki) were in the same room together. It was a sight to behold as fans of the main ballroom in the Pasadena Convention Center erupted with delight and excitement over their fantasies unfolding in front of them. For Power Ranger and Super Sentai fans, this was like John Lennon singing a duo alongside Elvis Presley.

Once in a lifetime meetup
Photo courtesy of Alexander Kwok

Yuta Mochizuki was the red Tyranno Ranger for the Super Sentai Zyuranger season which the first Power Rangers team was based upon. Austin St. John portrayed Jason, the very first American red ranger on "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers."

It took 22 years for the East actor to meet his West counterpart. Two iconic characters beloved by millions around the world together in the same room at last. While the panel itself was standard protocol Q&A with fans, the highlight of the day had to be when the two Tyranno Rangers recited their morphing sequences respectively.

Yuta's Dino Buckler dropped onto the floor while Austin's coin flung out during his turn. It was a tremendous sight to witness.

Austin St. John also gave Power Ranger fans some hopeful news. The long standoff between the the original red ranger and Saban Brands appear to be finally over. Here is the tweet I sent out during the panel:

Austin St. John to meet with Saban Brands this weekend. No deal yet, but hopeful

Will we see Jason return to team up with the new Dino Charge rangers just as Geki did with the Kyoryugers last year? Only time will tell!

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