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Mighty Leaf Tea & Tea Accessories

Mighty Leaf Tea & Tea Accessories
Mighty Leaf Tea & Tea Accessories
Mighty Leaf Tea

Mighty Leaf Tea is a mecca for tea lovers, boasting the highest quality, whole leaf teas with unique flavors and great aromas. Mighty Leaf Tea also carries useful products for tea aficionados of all levels. Here’s a preview of some of the latest and greatest items available on their site now:

Mighty Leaf Tea Variety Packs - $9.95

The Variety packs are a great introduction to Mighty Leaf Tea, especially if you aren’t sure which flavors you want to order an entire box of. It’s a delicious way to discover your favorite, and also makes a thoughtful gift. The ready-to-go tea pouches are easy to use, but clear so that you can see the ingredients. No unnatural surprises here!

JOEmoXL Stainless Loose Tea Travel Mug - $24.95

No time to enjoy your favorite Mighty Leaf Tea at home? Take it with you as you hit the road with this genius travel mug. The vacuum seal mug will brew your beverage of choice and keep it warm (or cold) for up to 6 hours. The lid has a stainless steel mesh infuser and an easy push button for opening and closing. The container can hold up to 16 oz of liquid, is leak proof and fits in all drink holders, making it the most convenient way to sip tea on the go.

Glass Travel Tea Tumbler - $21.95

If you like to see what you’re drinking (and how your tea is brewing) then the Glass Travel Tea Tumbler is the best choice. Double wall glass means you can steep loose tea anywhere with its built-in stainless steel infuser, and keep it warm for up to three hours. The tumbler holds up to 16 oz of liquid and while the bottom is dishwasher safe, the lid must be hand washed.

Bodum Assam Glass Teapot - $39.95

Equal parts pretty as it is functional, the Bodum Assam Glass Teapot is an eye-catching and essential addition to any tea drinker’s kitchen. The dishwasher safe pot has an internal stainless steel infuser for loose leaf teas and a patented, innovative design that can prevent over brewing at the push of a plunger. Brew up to 34 oz of tea in the Assam Glass Teapot next time you have company.

Curve Tall Tea Mug With Infuser - $19.95

If you’re only making tea for one, the Curve Tall Tea Mug’s compact and convenient design makes it ideal. The 15-oz dishwasher-safe glazed porcelain mug comes with an extra-fine stainless steel infuser for loose leaf tea, making enjoying your favorite Mighty Leaf Tea easier than ever.

Green Tea Latte Set – $47.95

Aspiring baristas will love this set, which allows you to froth up your own hot or iced green tea lattes at home or the office. Just add Matcha Green Tea Latte & Frappe Mix to milk or soy milk and use the Bodum Milk Frother to whip up delicious concoctions personalized to your taste. The set also comes with a pair of Bodum Pavina Double Wall glasses, which are stylish, durable and insulating.

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