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MIFF 31 early highlights

Anne Hathaway
Anne Hathaway
Steven Lebowitz

Time flies when you are having fun and if you have been attending the 31st Annual Miami International Film Festival this past week, then chances are you have been having a ton of it! As it has for the past couple of years, the festival kicked off this past Friday night starting at The Olympia Theater at the Gusman Center for the Performing Arts. , The opening night film was "Elsa & Fred" and it's two Academy Award winning stars, Shirley MacLaine and Christopher Plummer both walked the red carpet that night. They were not the only Oscar winners to be seen at this event. Oscar winning director Jonathan Demme was on hand and his guest for the night was none other than Anne Hathaway!

The 31st Miami International Film Festival
Steven Lebowitz

The film was introduced by MacLaine and Plummer and they were joined by their director Michael Radford and young star, Jared Gilman. The two stars were more than a little frisky and Christopher Plummer even gave Shirley MacLaine's butt a pinch, to which she replied, "That's the most action I've had in years!"

The action then moved over to the historic Dupont Building for the Patron 3-D Opening Night Party. The 3-D part comes from a booth where guests could have three-dimensional videos and photos taken. It was a popular attraction that night. Great food, drinks, dancing, even video games all played a part in the grand evening that got MIFF off the ground.

Saturday had some great films, seminars and even more red carpets. One featured horror director Ti West, with his new terrifying film, "The Sacrament". "Default" was another big screening that night and both its director Simon Brand and star, David Oyelowo walked the red carpet to help celebrate it.

The Miami International Film Festival did not loose any steam on Sunday night as writer/director/actor John Turturro debuted his new film, "Fading Gigolo" and also received the MIFF lifetime achievement award. John referred to it as a "half-life" award and many people enjoyed his newest effort starring Woody Allen. There was a party that night to celebrate poolside on the rooftop of the Epic Hotel. Besides having some "epic" views, there was great food and drinks and you could even get a message courtesy of Exhale Mindbody Spa. The man of the hour, John Turturro was there and guests were able to chat and take photographs of the humble star.

Be sure to check out the slideshow to see phones from these early highlights of MIFF 31. There is still plenty coming up. You can click HERE to see the remaining schedule and HERE to purchase tickets. The 31st Annual Miami International Film Festival is not something you should just hear about, but it must be experienced first hand.