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Miesha Tate wans to fight Gina Carano

A big return is rumored to be coming to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) this year. Former women’s mixed martial arts superstar, Gina Carano could return to the octagon. It has been reported that Carano had a meeting with UFC President Dana White. Carano’s return has led to speculation about a superfight between her and UFC women’s bantamweight champion, Ronda Rousey. There is one person that is not excited about the proposed superfight, former Rousey foe, Miesha Tate.

Tate, the woman who pushed Rousey to the longest fight of her MMA career, thinks it would be a mistake to set up a Carano vs. Rousey fight. Tate says it would reflect negatively on the image built up of legitimate competition in the women’s division. She shared her comments in an interview with the MMAjunkie website. “I really feel that it’s just kind of a joke.” said Tate. “It really is. Gina was a great fighter, and she’s a beautiful woman. Ronda is a great fighter and she’s an attractive girl. But to say that gina should be able to come in after five years of nothing and take on arguably the best female fighter ever? Come on.”

Tate, the former Strikeforce women’s champion thinks Carano should have to go past her to get a shot at the title. “If Gina is serious about making a comeback, then I think I would be the perfect person for her to step in to fight against.” Tate continued. “I’m not the champion and it makes kind of a mockery of women’s MMA to have her come in and fight the champion. If she can beat me, I’ll wish her well on her way to the title, and I’ll be definitely rooting for her.”

Carano’s last fight was in August of 2009 when she was in the main event of a Strikeforce card against Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos. Carano left the MMA world for Hollywood. She has appeared on television and was in the 2013 motion picture, Haywire. She recently appeared in the Fast & Furious 6. Carano left with a mixed martial arts record of 12-1-1.

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