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Miesha Tate defends her Seattle Seahawks fandom; hopes to raise 12th Man Flag

Ronda Rousey fought Miesha Tate at UFC 168
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

According to a Jan. 12 tweet from Miesha Tate, the standout UFC bantamweight contender says she has always been a fan of the Seattle Seahawks, and she makes no apologies for wearing the team's shirt in one of her recent Instagram photos.

Tate, 27, admits she has a lot to learn about the team, but she says she has every right to support her home state by sporting a Seahawks shirt on her social media pages.

"@EricHolden @00Snowflake @Seahawks I still have things to learn but Ive always rooted for the @Seahawks and I always will!!" Tate tweeted.

Tate's Seahawks photo apparently rubbed some diehard football fans the wrong way, including XFC strawweight champ Stephanie "Snowflake" Eggink.

"I bet she knows absolutely nothing about the Seahawks or football in general," Eggink said of Tate on Facebook. "I however, am the real 12th man."

Tate fired back with some heated zingers directed at Eggink, as she passionately defended her Seahawks fandom.

"I'm not proving anything, simply showing support for the Seahawks, I was born and raised in Tacoma, Wash.," Tate said. "I have just as much of a right to be a fan as anyone else so get your panties out of the bunch they are in, I know plenty about football and the Seahawks, I have no idea why you're so offended."

Eggink responded in light-hearted fashion, saying she would sick The Four Horsewomen on Tate if "Cupcake" got the chance to raise the Seahawks' 12th Man Flag before her.

The Four Horsewomen, of course, include some of Tate's biggest rivals, including Ronda Rousey and Marina Shafir.

Tate didn't like that comment one bit, and she responded accordingly.

"Oh, okay hah now it makes sense," Tate said. "I knew there had to be some underlying resentment here! Well when I raise the 12th man flag I'll make sure to let them know how much of a fan you are!"

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