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Miesha Tate asks fans to spam call convenience store over spicy pickle snafu

According to a Jan. 8 post from, UFC bantamweight contender Miesha Tate took to social media to ask fans for support in hashing out a dicey situation that occurred at one of the gas stations in her hometown last night.

Ronda Rousey fought Miesha Tate at UFC 168
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Tate, 27, was apparently waiting in line to purchase a spicy pickle when one of her fans approached her for an autograph.

As the story would go, Tate got into a bit of a verbal spat with the gas station attendant on duty, because she engaged in conversation with the fan while it was her turn at the register.

"So I'm standing in line at the gas station to buy a spicy pickle and put the rest in the gas tank, when a fan of mine pops up and is like 'oh my gosh Miesha how are you, great fight!! I go on to thank him and its my turn at the register finally so I say clear as day to the lady, take to cost of the pickle out of the $60 and put the rest on pump 4 please," Tate posted. "She looks at me annoyed brakes the money as the fan continues to ask if I will give him an autograph I smile politely and oblige.

"The lady goes on to help the next costumer and I ask can I have my receipt please (which she should have given me in the first place but I didn't have the chance to ask between her rush I and being cordial with my fan) so she frustratingly prints a receipt after letting me know how much check trouble that is for her.

"I say thanks and go to pump my gas where it is hailing outside and there's no gas money on my pump... So I grab my receipt she gave me and its a receipt for cough drops... I'm not amused so I walk back in through the hail again and flag her down to tell her this is the wrong receipt and she also did not put the gas money I gave her on pump #4.

"Should goes on to lecture me saying that I should wait to engage in conversation until after my transaction is complete. LOL!!! I said 'where is your manager's number I want to speak to him, you are very rude I am the customer I can do whatever I want and I'm sorry that I am nice to my fans.' Then she scoffed at me, gave me the run around for the phone number then finally gave me the store number where she is the only one working tonight, so I figured we could all give Gale a call and let her know how much we appreciate great customer service!"

There's two ways to look at this situation.

Of course customer service is important, so Tate had every right to be annoyed at the clerk for not giving her the proper receipt.

On the other hand, the gas station attendant may have just been having a bad day, or been in a bad mood due to working the graveyard shift in a fairly dangerous environment.

Tate could have easily been the bigger person and walked away, rather than asking fans to call in to bother the attendant for the rest of her shift.

Was Tate right for asking fight fans to call in to the gas station to complain about this attendant, or should she have let it go without getting fans involved? Let us know in the comments or tweet the author, @EricHolden.

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