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Mie Sedaap Supreme – Chicken Onion Flavor Noodles

Chicken Onion Noodles
Chicken Onion Noodles
Mie Sedaap Supreme Chicken Onion Noodles

Noodles have always been a comfort food for many, including me. What feels and taste more delicious than a hot and spicy bowl of fully cooked noodles in a cold day or a day that you just feel down? Noodles seem to have the magic power of healing, comforting the soul and warming up the body. Instantly.

Mie Sedaap Supreme – Chicken Onion Flavor Noodles are a product of Indonesia. They are made with wheat flour, salt, and thickener. Looking at the nutrition facts: they have 330 calories per serving portion of 70g. Fat is 14g, sodium 1390mg per serving, carbs 43g, and protein 7g. Noodles are not calorie-free, often full in carbohydrates and salt but that’s why everybody loves them.

The Indonesian noodles have a nice yellow and amber color when boiled. They are hot enough from the spices and definitely not for the faint. The chicken onion flavor noodles are well defined and you can taste some oil in the bowl. Other flavors include the Supreme Fried Noodle, the Supreme Soto Soup and the Supreme Kakaruk.

Mie Sedaap Supreme Noodles are of a good quality and come with an attractive texture. Eaten in moderation and on the cold days, they are perfect.