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Midwinter Graphic Novel - Exciting and intensifying

Midwinter images
Midwinter images
Kayla Swain

Midwinter is a graphic novel in the works by Kayla Swain and Joanna Wong. With beautiful illustrations and a well-developed storyline with memorable characters it is a graphic novel you are going to want to get your hands on. So what is Midwinter about? Midwinter is a urban fantasy graphic novel that blends magic and science together.

Meet Nox, a highly proficient thief out to get the Asterite. A rare, precious genetic modifier held within the one hospital that remains heavily guarded. But he's not the only one who wants it! Nox will find himself protecting the very hospital from other thieves. Want to know more? Check out the kickstarter page.

There is a 15 page sample of the graphic novel, and in addition, they have created Midwinter merchandise! Buttons, posters, and keychains. Also, be sure to listen to Nox's voice! You will not regret it. And above all, please share this where-ever you can. On Facebook, Tumbler, Myspace, Twitter, and other message forums if permitted. Spread the word. Tell them of this new graphic novel that needs our support!

And be sure to check out their Facebook page for the latest updates.