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Midsummer night's scheme: Pantone predicts fall fashion colors

These knitted "Beyond the Sea" fingerless gloves, from the 910Woolgathering shop on, range from Deep Teal to Quarry.
These knitted "Beyond the Sea" fingerless gloves, from the 910Woolgathering shop on, range from Deep Teal to Quarry.
courtesy of 910Woolgathering

If you want to be fashionable this fall, now is the time to plan, especially if you're on a budget.

According to the Pantone Institute, these hues will rule fallf ashion.
Photo courtesy of the Pantone Institute

It all starts with a color scheme. Luckily, you don't have to come up with one yourself.

In anticipation of every fashion season, the Pantone Color Institute predicts which 10 hues will be hitting catwalks, interior design runways and the streets.

Fall 2011 is no exception.

The predicted palette starts with a trio of warm, citrusy colors: Bamboo, a yellow hovering between gold and goldenrod; Emberglow, which evokes the orange of banked coals; and Honeysuckle, a vivid reddish-pink which was named Pantone 2011 Color of the Year.

Fall colors hit the cool end of the spectrum with jewel-toned Deep Teal and a deep purple called Phlox. Hues get more subtle with Cedar, an olive-green that, according to the Perfect Palette blog, calls to mind "the freshness of a cool mist in a dark forest," and Orchid Hush, which the XSRE blog calls "a light gray with soft purple undertones."

A chocolate-brown called Coffee Liqueur, a beige called Nougat, and Quarry, which the MOOD blog calls "an almost powdery sea-foam blue," round out the color report.

Putting on the Pantone

If you want to incorporate Pantone's selections into your wardrobe, print out the landing page for the Fall 2011 Color Report and take it with you when you hit the stores. Or, bookmark the page and refer to it while you're shopping online.

This will help you inform your choices with a cutting-edge sensbility. It also may inspire you to make some unexpected color choices, a good thing if you're stuck in a rut.

You don't have to break the bank. Focus on accessories, a low-cost way to infuse your outfits with punch-packing color.

Etsy does it

I've started the party for you by browsing through my favorite website,—an online marketplace of vintage and handmade goods—with an eye on affordable accessories in some of Pantone's Fall 2011 colors.

May I share five of my finds? (You can get a gander at my recommendations by browsing through the slideshow accompanying this article.)

1. I love the "Beyond the Sea" knitted fingerless gloves at the 910Woolgathering site on Etsy. These funky and frivolous faves incorporate colors ranging from Deep Teal to Quarry. ($20, $5 shipping)

2. The New Lariat Freeform Crotchet scarf from Etsy's EthnicDesign site (one of a kind, so move fast if you want to snap it up), incorporates a remarkable number of Pantone's Fall 2011 colors, including: Bamboo; Deep Teal; an orange a bit brighter than Emberglow; a pink in the vein of Honeysuckle; and a purple that's just a scosche lighter than Phlox. ($25, $3 shipping)

3. I think the Bright Cantaloupe Vintage Button pendant from the ButtonSoupJewelry site on is cute as a button. This array of buttons—featuring various shades of Emberglow and Honeysuckle—is just waiting to be fastened to your favorite necklace chain. ($15, no shipping)

4. The best thing about the Yellow Hand Dyed Bamboo Cotton Circle Scarf from the SoManyColors site--besides the fact that it's made of soft jersey and includes Bamboo in its symphony of lemony colors—is that you don't have to figure out how to drape it. ($15, no shipping cost)

5. I can hardly think of anything more elegant for a night on the town than the Deep Teal Woven Clutch Purse from Etsy's toriska site. (You can also use it for everyday if you're not afraid of a little fanciness!) This adorable handbag is lined in cotton and features a magnetic clasp, zipper pocket and six credit card slots. ($38, $3.50 shipping)

There's more, so much more, but a blog must end somewhere. You know what colors to look for. Now ready, set, shop!


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