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Midlife Mingling with Classic Movie Fans in Los Angeles Cinecon 50

Over 40? After 50? Many midlife singles find it a massive challenge simply to meet peer aged singles and make new friends who share your tastes and interests. With so many former live single mixer events going online only now, it can feel daunting simply to identify live events worth attending. You want to find events worth the investment of your time and money. Look no further than Cinecon 50!

Cinecon has been in the vanguard of screening films from the classic era including silent greats even before we had Turner Classic Movies. Cinecon screens movies certainly from the classic silent movie era as well as the early talkies all the way through movies from the 1940s and 1950s.

Cinecon 50 features live interviews with exciting celebrity guests to thrill film fans. And with the authors’ tables and movie memorabilia marts, you have the easy access to mingle and chat with fellow film buffs. With over thirty rare features and short films to entice you, cinemaphiles will have an abundance to enjoy.

You will find a small multitude of classic movie lover gathering in Hollywood over Labor Day weekend 2014 to enjoy Cinecon 50. The five-day film festival and movie marts, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to meet fellow cinema fans while easily having both a conversation starter as well as comfortable conversation topics.

Each fan will have their own opinion about which films are the favorites. Each day with new screenings, you have fresh conversation fodder to choose from when in search of something to chat about with fellow conference goers.

“Oh which films do you plan to watch today?”

“What a fun T-shirt! Did you get that in the Dealers Room? How much was it? Could you show me where to get it?”

The best way to make the most of these fun hobby sharing conferences is to have a comfortable way to follow up and stay in touch with those you meet. Sure, exchange Facebook information. Also plan to carry a simple Personal Card along with you for ease of sharing personal information in a classy manner. Cinecon 50 attendees will surely note that you are comfortably versed in good personal etiquette by using a personal card.

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