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Midlife Crisis?...Your cup runneth over

From the Desk of...
From the Desk of...
photo courtesy of sheilasultani

Midlife Crisis strikes 30-60 year-olds!  Depending on your source, it could be hiding around the very next corner!  Or doesn't exist at all.  Take your pick.

If you've even wondered about it, the smart money says; something happens.  Carl Jung hinted at it.  Wikipedia down plays the rate of significant complaints.  And Oscar Wilde does it poetic justice as "...the old age of our youth..and the youth of old age".  Hard to argue with that.

Imagine yourself a vessel.  Doesn't matter.  You pick it;   A Cornwall china tea cup, a Starbucks Venti or a Beer Hat.  As the years pass fruitfully, life's responsibilities begin accumulating.  Sometimes a drop at a time.  Other times, at a steady, predictable flow.

Then your "Hang in There, Baby" mug takes a tiny nick.  No matter, it was the coolest kitchy birthday present and there is no way you are parting with it now.  - Ooops, your steel martini glasses (so retro, they never go out of style) fail to polish up quite as sterling as they used to.

Somewhere around the same time, that kid Hans Brinker just took his finger from the dyke and your responsibilities are pouring in threefold.  And the rainiest year in four decades has 24/7 coverage on cable.

Your beer hat straws are kinked and you can't seem to sip as quickly as you used to...almost, but not quite.  Where did all that resilience go?

Or maybe you're just wondering where the last (insert number here) years went!

Despite a cliched name and one that doesn't lend itself to flattery (at least upon first taste), we know it's just another question to throw down the hatch and try to digest.  By now, we can identify, insert and practice ourselves through anything.  Lend a hand with comments, new experiences or eye-witness accounts! 

Stay a part of the Resolution - we all drink from the same cup!  And anytime!


  • Tracey 5 years ago

    I do think the midlife crisis exists. The Oscar Wilde quote says so much!

  • Max 5 years ago

    The vessel analogy is perfect. It is a delicate balancing act to keep it from overflowing, when it's even possible.

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    Nothing since May????

    Were is that good back to school advice?

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