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Midland music store: Camp's Music

Camp's Music, 613 Ashman St. Midland, MI
Camp's Music, 613 Ashman St. Midland, MI
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Camp's Music, located on 613 Ashman St. just south of the Midland Circle, has been open since 1947. This small music store is packed full to bursting with different types of music and instruments. Although they specialize in band instruments and piano, they also offer guitars, amps, and drums.

Music is available for a large variety of instruments, as well as for voice. Their specialty line is a series of piano instruction books called Piano Teaching Methods. At Camp's there is a wide range of music - both in difficulty and in style, including beginner lessons and working all the way up to the more difficult classical music, popular hits, soundtrack collections, etc. There is also a shelf for religious music for piano and organ.

Additionally, Camp's Music offers music services such as lessons and instrument repair, so if you are interested in learning how to play a new instrument but can't seem to get it to work, take it in to Camp's Music. Their friendly customer service will keep you coming back for all your music needs, and their great selection will never leave you wanting.

Visit their website for more information, or call them during normal business hours at (989)-835-5721.


  • Dagda 5 years ago

    I go to school not to far away from Midland and I am at a credit load that is pressuring but enjoyable. However, I have always wanted to learn how to play the piano and the cello (<--I hate that word... it needs an "h"!). Maybe when I am out of school I can take lessons, I think it would be great. Thanks for the info and great review!
    Typing while eating,

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