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Midge Potts, Progressive Party candidate for U.S. Senate to walk across Missouri


U.S. Senate Candidate Midge Potts (P-MO) (Wikipedia),

After the opening day of candidate filing yesterday, a number of candidates for various offices are officially signed up to run in their party’s primary.

That includes 14 candidates for U.S. Senate, who decided to seak the Senate seat currently held by Christopher “Kit” Bond (R-MO) after he announced that he would retire.

While members of the recognized parties (the Libertarian Party, Republican Party, Constitution Party and Democratic Party) will face off in their respective primaries, one candidate needs to “circulate petitions to gather 10,000 verified signatures in order to gain ballot access.”

Midge Potts, a co-chair for the Missouri Progressive Party and delegate to the national Green Party’s coordinating committee, released a statement yesterday announcing her intent to run a non-traditional political campaign.

Potts, who previously challenged Roy Blunt in the 2006 GOP primary for his U.S. House of Representatives seat, will walk across the state to discuss important issues face-to-face with Missourians in their own communities.

She is mimicking a similar campaign, that of Joe Teasdale, who challenged and defeated incumbent Missouri Governor Kit Bond in 1976.

She plans to win the hearts and minds of Missouri’s voters by walking and biking across the state all the way up to the election in November.

Potts, a transgender peace activist, plans to make nuclear disarmament the centerpiece of her campaign. Her first walk will begin on April 10th at the American Nuclear Power plant in Fulton, Missouri, and end at the Honeywell factory (where parts for nuclear weapons are built) in Kansas City on May 1st.

Incidentally, May 1st is the anniversary of the signing of the nuclear nonproliferation treaty.

Potts is a Navy veteran. She served in Kuwait during the Gulf War aboard the USS Yosemite (A-19).

On another note, both of Missouri's frontrunners were among those filing yesterday:

Missouri Secretary of State Robin Carnahan (D-MO), now leads her two Republican rivals, according to a recent poll released by YouGovPolimetrix. On the other hand, Congressman Roy Blunt (R-MO) still has a healthy lead in Rasmussen Reports' latest poll.

12 others also filed for U.S. Senate, including Republican State Senator Chuck Purgason, a dark-horse candidate who hopes to defeat Blunt in the GOP primary.

For more info: Visit Pott's MySpace page, visit the U.S. Green Party, or visit the homepage of the Missouri Progressive Party.
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