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Mideast Etihad offers luxury suites that will leave you speechless (+Video)

The mideast's Etihad offers luxury suites on a plane that would make some 5 Star luxury hotels jealous. While some are lucky enough to be able to sleep on a plane, for many it is not easy to sleep when flying. For them and, above all, for those who can afford it, a company based in Abu Dhabi, Etihad Airways, will offer a luxury service that goes a step beyond the first class. As detailed in a report from the Associated Press yesterday, Etihad's luxury sky suites feature a closed-off bedroom, private bathroom and a dedicated butler.

Etihad, which already has private chefs and nannies for first class passengers, has took a big step in order to further satisfy their millionaire clients. Its Airbus A380 will have three suites, each with a double bed, a bathroom with shower, a living room and a butler, who comes from the prestigious London Savoy Academy.

The new service of Etihad Airways will lead to a new class. In fact, sleeping in one of the suites from Abu Dhabi to London, for example, will cost three or four times a seat in first class: about $21,000.

Etihad Airways, an airline of the United Arab Emirates, operates routes to the Middle East, Europe, Asia, Australia and America. Since 2009, it has remained among the top 10 of the best airline companies in the world.

The CEO of Etihad Airways, James Hogan, acknowledged that the deal, which according to the airline is the first of its kind, helped draw attention, although in the end is a serious effort to get more money. "Obviously there's going to be a halo effect in the positioning of Etihad Air as a premium carrier," he said. "But we wouldn't do it unless we felt we could make money with it. ... This is a top-end market. There is demand here, " Hogan said. Continue reading: Young mouse blood may be the key to the fountain of youth, study suggests

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